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Dr. Lynda Reid takes time to create personalized presentations that will meet your group, team, business, and organizational needs. She seeks to combine humor with my background and expertise to engage groups of all sizes and backgrounds. Below are samples of some of her presentation topics. Contact Lynda today to discuss your presentation or workshop interests and needs.

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TEDx RoadTown, Tortola British Virgin Islands

Post the catastrophic hurricanes Irma and Maria, the British Virgin Islands chose to rise from their challenges and use their second TEDx RoadTown as an avenue for healing and growth. I was honored to be included with a powerful group of speakers on their theme, Past Lives and Future Visions. My talk, Imagine MORE.

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Maximizing Your Potential

Based on my upcoming book, the little book of MORE: the evolution of YOU, this presentation introduces you to the life transforming concept of  MORE. MORE is an exploration of self through how we actively and mindfully understand and internalize the four key elements of MORE, Meaning, Owning, Relationships, and Emotions. When working in the positive the elements weave together into upward spiral of growth, ever expanding our potential.

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Creating Clarity: Owning Your Commitment

For individuals ready to set the stage for success in their lives personally and professionally. This workshop provides you with strategies for removing limitations and barriers, a results-based process for actualizing change and a complimentary follow-up coaching session.

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The Mind, Body, Business Connection

How you think, perceive, problem solve, and deal with stress directly impacts the success and sustainability of your business. The success of your business is directly tied to how you embrace and personalize the ever-changing global business trends. Understanding how your mind and body influence your capacity to succeed are essential components for navigating change. Your ability to consciously utilize that understanding provides you with new opportunities for Expanding Excellence.

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