Be Heard: Own the Season & Your Worth

December 15, 2018


There are many sounds that accompany the holiday season. One sound, in particular, has been sung about by most of us, yet experienced first hand by a small minority. It is the sound of jingling bells on a horse-drawn sleigh as the horse silently moves through fields of snow.


It’s a sound that says, “I’m here.” “I’m moving forward.” The rhythmic jingling draws the attention of others averting collisions in the whiteout of a winter storm. The steadiness of the chiming is calming, reassuring and stays with us long after a ride.


It is the acknowledgement of the horse’s presence. “I’m here, in motion, a being to be noted." 


What if we all wore a jiggle bell, acknowledging our presence? “I’m here. I count. I matter.” Just a jingle, a gentle rhythmic chime, that draws us forward and acknowledges our worth.


In the season of light and celebration, wear a bell, show up and own your worth. Gift bells to others and allow them to be heard, to matter, to count.


Jingle all the way …



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Be Heard: Own the Season & Your Worth

December 15, 2018

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