Remember When

September 3, 2017


Do you remember your first best friend? The one you played with for hours on end. The one you told secrets to and trusted with your fears. The one who was your partner in all your childhood explorations.


My best friend was Karen. Her family moved in down the street when we were both 4 years old. We were inseparable through most of our school years. Growing up before the need for play dates and physical boundaries, Karen and I explored the reaches of our neighborhood and the country roads that began at the end of our block. The older we got, the braver we became, the further we explored. We were Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer; we were runaways and adventurers. We packed lunches, hopped on our little coaster bikes and explored for hours. Our backyards became tented escapes, penny carnivals, and a wide array of locations for escapades and characters. We rode the city buses to swimming lessons, art classes, and Saturday afternoon matinees. Our sleepovers involved little sleep and a lot of talking. We laughed, we learned, and we cried together. We believed anything was possible. The Disney movie Peter Pan inspired us to become scientists as we endeavored to create Pixie Dust. Perhaps we just didn't get the right combination of the white "sprinklely" substances, flour, sugar, and salt? Undaunted, we continued to believe that, just like our Barbies, we could do anything.


Our lives have taken us in very different directions and led us down very different paths, but always, we will be part of each other. The part that believes we can be MORE.

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