Life Lessons From the Playground: Simple Joy

June 27, 2017

“AaaaaaaHHHHHH!!!” We giggle and scream as we attempt to jump the waves crashing into us. We cough and sputter in delight as our feet are swept from under us in the sugar soft sand and we are plunged into the sea. Time is non-existent, hours pass as we jump, dive, submerge and become one with the aqua blue.


It is in the simplicity and total immersion in the moment that joy is created. No complications, no gadgets, no rules, no boundaries – just freedom to be, freedom to explore. Freedom, so effortlessly created as children, yet so seemly impossible to recreate as adults.


Perhaps it’s our busy-ness, or always connected, never finished demands of our lives that limit our joy. We believe we lack the freedom to simplify, to unplug, and to just “be” in the moment. Yes, our jobs demand more and more from us, our finances restrict our opportunities, our lives are controlled by others … but what if they weren’t? What if you made other choices? What if you created opportunities to make time to just be?


It is possible. It is just not easy.


It takes choice, commitment, support and patience to continually adapt and adjust one step at a time. But joy can be created. Start your journey today.



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