Life Lessons From the Playground: SNOW

June 27, 2017

My 7 year-old body temperature rises inside the multilayers of my snow clothes as I wait patiently at the back door of my best friend Karen’s house as she works through her “dressing for outside” ritual. Sweater, then ski pants, then extra wool socks, then parka, then boots, then hat, then scarf and finally her multilayers of wool mittens. We are now officially twice our body size and can barely negotiate the small space on the back door landing as we turn to head out the door.

Our layers of clothing and sense of adventure buffer the frigid Northern Alberta temperatures. The dry icy air usually sucks the moisture from our beings as our eyelashes and scarfs frost with our moist breath but today is an uncharacteristically mild day for January. Today is about snow adventures!

We waddle our way back to my house where the large blanket of virgin snow in the front yard beckons. We fall on our backs and attempt to slide our arms up and down and legs in and out. The snow sticks to our limbs making our obligatory snow angels almost impossible to create. In an unspoken moment of joint insight we both roll to our knees and each begin packing the wet snow into a ball. Karen heads left and I head right as we shuffle along on our knees rolling the ever-enlarging balls through unblemished snow. We laugh with excitement as we realize that we are making our very first snowman. By the time Karen is called home for lunch our “Frosty” is complete.


There is something universally rich and rewarding about the joy of creation. It’s an intrinsic high. Whether it be a snowman, a sand castle, a new recipe or a proposal for a new initiative at work – creativity feeds our souls. Find what feeds your soul – CREATE



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