Life Lessons From the Playground: Monkey Bars

June 27, 2017

My body fills with excitement as my friends and I race to the monkey bars. We laugh with joy as we climb, hang, rock, swing, somersault, and tunnel our way in, through, up, over, down and under the cubic structure of the bars. There is always another way to the top, to other side and back down to the ground. The monkey bars were more than just bars; they were the matrix to our next adventure, our portal to a new reality.

It’s interesting that as we age it’s not only the recess bell that interrupts our endless adventures on the monkey bars but also our belief that our lives play out in a linear fashion. Part of the belief has to do with our construct of time, linear, one direction, always forward. We plot on calendars, plan in order, and sequentially check things off our lists. As Arianna Huffington, told the 8,000 women at the Massachusetts Conference for Women December 7th, “Life isn’t a road, it’s more like a jungle gym.”

We have choices, we have alternate paths, there is always another direction; another choice and sometimes that may just be upside down and backwards.

Be adventurous.

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