Leadership & Team Coaching

The following are examples of Dr. Reid's Leadership and Team Coaching Programs. No one package fits all teams. I work closely with you to design and  create program that meets your leadership and business unique needs, goals, and outcomes. Dr. Reid provides her Leadership and Team Coaching programs in-person and via the interactive virtual platform of zoom.com.  The virtual zoom platform has all the engagement and interaction of face-to-face programs but allows your traveling team members to join in from any location.


For more information email: Lynda@KusalaLLC.com

Leadership Coaching (minimum of 12 sessions)

Leadership Development & Refinement: Is built upon the assessment of personal and professional strengths and opportunities for maximizing growth. The coaching support provides you with insights into the subtleties of your personal and professional interactions allowing you to create opportunities and targeted actions for enhancing your leadership effectiveness,  interactions and processes. As we are all holistic beings this leadership development program also includes avenues for you to develop and enhance your work life harmony.

For more information email: Lynda@KusalaLLC.com

Leadership Team Coaching (time adapted to meet your needs)

Leadership Team coaching is based upon the individual and collective needs of your team and business. Your leadership team will process and support each other as you each work to refine the positive social interactions within your workplace that increase engagement, participation and retention of those you interact with and lead. Leadership Team Development & Refinement programs can facilitated in-person or virtually as stand alone 1/2 or full-day retreats, or be extended over a longer time period to embed actions and individualized coaching support.

For more information email: Lynda@KusalaLLC.com

Expanding Team Potential

Move your team beyond comfort zone. Revitalize your mission & vision. Team Enhancement presentations & workshops weave humor, neuroscience & mindfulness into interactive experiences that create avenues for new understanding & respect. Participants will gain a greater understanding of they can positively impact their growth. The Team as a whole will leave feeling engaged and inspired to take their roles and the company to the next level.

For more information email: Lynda@KusalaLLC.com

updated November 2019

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