Individual Coaching Programs

Individual Coaching is all about you. No matter which program (listed below) you select from, the experience is controlled by you, your goals, your insights, your actions, and your evolution. Lynda's role is to hold the space for you to stretch your thinking, challenge your assumptions, acknowledge new insights, and support you in creating powerful actions that establish new habits of mind and behavior. Lynda's Individual Coaching programs take  place via phone, zoom, or Skype, allowing you to be in the comfort of your own space, in a time that suits you in your time zone.  This is your personal journey; ever expanding your potential.

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Clarity Coaching (2-3 one hour sessions)

Clarity Coaching: Is a targeted, issue-specific coaching program. This program allows you to focus in on an unresolved and persistent issue, rethink the possibilities and take action to actualize positive change.

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Ignite Coaching (2-3 one hour sessions)

Ignite Coaching: Is a targeted, future-focused coaching program. This program allows you to pause, dream, clarify and create a pathway forward that ignites your passion and honors your purpose. Ignite Coaching is a great way to experience the coaching process for the first time. The "Ignite Pathway" you create can be further supported and with the 12-week Actualizing Change coaching series.

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Actualizing Change (12 session series)

Actualizing Change: Is the most popular of my coaching series. This series stretches your thinking allowing you to discover new insights and take actions that create new habits of mind that expand your potential. Through the process of the 12 sessions, you gain a greater sense of self-awareness and actualize habits that they can continue to build on.

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Creating Transformation (minimum 24 sessions)

Creating Transformation: This extended coaching series assists individuals ready to transform their current experience, professionally and/or personally. Whether you are preparing for a career change, meaningful retirement, relationship transition, or a new business venture, meaningful change takes time and commitment. Lynda serves as your catalyst and confidant in this extended series.

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