Coaching is a rich and diverse field that has been influenced by a great variety of related disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, counseling, learning theory, and change theory. As an ICF, International Professional Certified Coach Dr. Lynda Reid's approach is positively focused and all about moving you, your team, your business and your organization forward by revitalizing your thinking, create insights and hold you accountable to strategic actions for actualizing positive and sustainable change.

The majority of Dr. Reid's coaching programs are virtual via phone or platforms such as Zoom and Skype. The virtual nature of her coaching programs allows her to connect with her clients globally in settings of their own choosing.

"Dr. Lynda Reid’s professionalism and her ability to listen, analyze and then advise based on our needs were just what we needed to recognize our future direction for the Firm."

Ryan Geluk, Deputy Managing Director, BDO, British Virgin Islands

updated November 2019

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