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Coaching is a rich and diverse field that has been influenced by a great variety of related disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, counseling, learning theory, and change theory. As an ICF, International Professional Certified Coach Dr. Reid's approach is positively focused and all about moving you, your team, your business and your organization forward by revitalizing your thinking, create insights, and hold you accountable to strategic actions for actualizing positive and sustainable change.

"Dr. Lynda Reid’s professionalism and her ability to listen, analyze and then advise based on our needs were just what we needed to recognize our future direction for the Firm."

Ryan Geluk, Deputy Managing Director, BDO, British Virgin Islands


Individual Coaching is all about you. No matter which program you select from below, the program is controlled by you, your goals, your insights, your actions, your evolution. My role is to hold the space for you to stretch your thinking, challenge your assumptions, acknowledge to new insights, and create powerful actions that establish new habits of mind and behavior. This is your personal evolution.

Clarity Coaching

Clarity Coaching: Is a targeted, issue specific coaching program of 2 to 3 one-hour sessions. This program allows you to focus in on an unresolved and persistent issue, rethink the possibilities and take action to actualize positive change.

Ignite Coaching

Ignite Coaching: Is a targeted, future-focused coaching program of 2-3 one-hour sessions. This program allows you to pause, dream, clarify and create a pathway forward that ignites your passion and honors your purpose. Ignite Coaching is a great way to experience the coaching process for the first time. The "Ignite Pathway" you create can be further supported and with the 12-week Actualizing Change coaching series.

Actualizing Change

Actualizing Change: Is the most popular of my coaching series. The 12 session series stretches your thinking allowing you to discover new insights and take actions that create new habits of mind that expand your potential. Through the process of the 12 sessions, you gain a greater sense of self-awareness and actualize habits that they can continue to build on.

Creating Transformation

Creating Transformation: This extended coaching series assists individuals ready to transform their current experience, professionally and/or personally. Whether you are preparing for a career change, meaningful retirement, relationship transition, or a new business venture, meaningful change takes time and commitment. Lynda serves as your catalyst and confidant in this 25 -30 session series.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Development & Refinement: Is built upon the assessment of personal and professional strengths and opportunities for maximizing growth. The coaching support provides you with insights into the subtleties of your personal and professional interactions allowing you to create opportunities and targeted actions for enhancing your leadership effectiveness,  interactions and processes. As we are all holistic beings this leadership development program also includes avenues for you to develop and enhance your work life harmony. Program begins with a minimum of 12 sessions.



The following are examples of Team Coaching Programs. No one package fits all teams. I work with you to design and  create program that meets your unique needs, goals, and outcomes. The journey is yours.

Leadership Team: Development & Refinement

Team leadership coaching is based upon the individual and collective needs of your team and business. Your leadership team will process and support each other as you each work to refine the positive social interactions within your workplace that increase engagement, participation and retention of those you interact with and lead. Leadership Team Development & Refinement programs can stand alone as a 1/2 or full-day retreat, or be extended over a longer time period to embed actions and individualized coaching support.

Creating Exceptional Customer Service

Empowering a culture of service excellence. Creating Exceptional Customer Service is a full day workshops that, provide managers with an overview of the knowledge and strategies needed to create an engaged employee culture that prides itself on service excellence. Her extended Art & Science of Exceptional Service workshop program incorporates individualized coaching support for upper and middle managers which embeds the knowledge and strategies necessary to actualizes a sustainable culture of service excellence.

Team Enhancement: Beyond the Staus Quo

Move your team beyond comfort zone. Revitalize your mission & vision. Team Enhancement presentations & workshops weave humor, neuroscience & mindfulness into interactive experiences that create avenues for new understanding & respect. Participants will gain a greater understanding of they can positively impact their growth. The Team as a whole will leave feeling engaged and inspired to take their roles and the company to the next level.


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