Dr. Lynda Reid provides both issue-specific and extended coaching support to individuals, teams, businesses and organizations. Her presentations and workshops serve clients in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.
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My Presentations & Workshops clients include:

Accounting & Auditing Companies

Communication & Marketing Departments

Educational Organizations (K-12 to Graduate School)


Hospitality/Hotel/Tourism (Locally Owned Hotels and Luxury Resorts)

Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

Non-Profit Organizations

Real Estate Companies

Law Firms 

Small Businesses 

Trust Companies

"I believe that we as individuals are in a constant transition. Some are more obvious than others. Changing jobs or moving to a new country is huge; others are subtle, more reflective and more personal, like when you are ready to make a personal leap forward in how you will hold yourself accountable. Dr. Lynda Reid helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about a role I already had, but I had under-invested my focus on and she challenged me on new ways of leading people. Over time Dr. Reid engaged with me to discuss my position in depth and guided me to a point where I was able to think about how to share my thoughts and strategies with my peers and my leaders. I have benefited immensely from her time and expertise and her professional retreats are not only fun, but also it just might be an eye opener for your staff!"


My Individual Coaching Clients include:


Business Owners

Career Transition


Culture Relocation & Adjustment

Developing Leaders


Educators at all Levels


Executives & General Managers

Media Personalities & Performers



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