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the little book of MORE: the evolution of YOU


Becoming the best we are meant to be is not a given. Your life can either happen to you, or you can actively engage in creating your life. Choice.



MORE is an exploration of self by actively and mindfully understanding and internalizing the four core elements of MORE, Meaning, Owning, Relationships, and Emotions. When working in the positive, the four elements weave together into an upward spiral of growth, ever expanding our potential. If we block a component of any one of those elements we limit who we are capable of becoming.


The video below is a segment from the NBC Palm Springs Desert Living show where Dr. Reid introduces the concept of MORE and invite participants to her Exploring Your MORE seminar. If you would like to host a MORE seminar with a group of your friends or colleagues please contact Lynda at the email below.


Are you ready to be MORE? Visit Balboa Press, or Amazon to order your copy of the little book of MORE. Contact me at and add your name to the MORE mailing list.


Watch NBC Palm Springs, Desert Living show host Bryan Gallo's interview with Dr. Lynda Reid on her concept of MORE and her book the little book of MORE: the evolution of YOU.

updated November 2019

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